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🧠 Reddit marketing secret sauce

PLUS - How a founder grew his 7-figure SaaS with no-code tools...

Happy Thursday! 🎉

Welcome back to IdeaHub where 2,000+ SaaS founders read about growth, marketing and product development every week.

This week…

  • 7-figure SaaS with no-code tools

  • Secret sauce for marketing on Reddit

  • The fastest way to 10k MRR

Let’s jump in… 👇

🔗 The Best Links

7-figure SaaS With No-Code - How a non-technical founder built a successful SaaS platform in the legal space primarily using no-code tools.

Fastest Way To 10k MRR - A full breakdown of SaaS business models and which is most likely to get you to 10k MRR the fastest.

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The Breakdown

Secret Sauce For Marketing On Reddit

If you’ve read my full breakdown on how to find customers on Reddit, you’ll know I’m a big fan.

It really can be a treasure trove of potential customers if you know where to look.

But just like any growth channel, it has a lot of intricacies most people miss.

This week I’m sharing 3 hot tips you need to know to successfully market on Reddit.

1) Telling a story

I recently posted on Reddit about how I grew IdeaHub from 0 to 2,000+ subscribers over the last 6 months.

The goal was to share a ‘building in public’ type update with the community, get some feedback, and hopefully a few subscribers too.

Here’s the full post if you’re interested.

The result?

90,000 views with 90% upvotes. Not bad!

Despite including a link the thread was not taken down, and if you read the comments you’ll see others actively defending it.

So why was this not roasted?

Because I told a story.

I shared an honest look behind the scenes and made a point of detracting entirely from any self-promotion.

In reality, this works for any product when put in front of the right audience.

And it’s what I plan on doing when I launch my new SaaS soon (any feedback is much appreciated!)

2) Replying vs commenting

In my breakdown, I talk about two distinct ways to use Reddit to find customers:

  1. Creating new posts and including a link

  2. Adding a link to a comment on an existing post

Often comments are the better strategy.

You’re highjacking traffic from existing posts rather than generating new traffic yourself.

But that’s not to say it’s easy…

Comments are easily lost in frantic discussions and you must make every effort to stand out.

Best way to do that?

By replying to existing comments rather than creating new ones yourself and making sure to reply as high up the thread as you can.

People naturally lose interest the more they read down the comments so make sure you’re near the top to get the bulk of the traffic.

Here’s an example of how I did this.

3) Nailing timing with comments

Reddit is primarily a feed-driven platform.

But posts are not always ordered chronologically.

Most new posts are swiftly ushered to the bottom of the feed in place of those drawing higher engagement.

So when you’re looking for places to add a comment, how do you know which posts to go for, and which to ignore?

The first hour or two after a new post is live is when you can start to tell.

Every new view, upvote and comment provide the fuel for Reddit to keep pushing a post into feeds.

So in the first hour - just watch…

See what happens.

Did the post get a lot of comments?

And did a particular comment get a lot of upvotes or replies?

These are all signs that opinions are forming and more traffic is on its way for the next 24-36 hours.

Your customers could be coming - so take the opportunity!


Feel free to shoot me any questions on using Reddit to find customers - just reply to this email.

See you next week!

- Charlie

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