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🧠 How to build a SaaS landing page

How to build a top landing page and 3 tactics to boost CVR in under an hour

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The average conversion rate (CVR) for SaaS is ~10%, but most are 3-4%. At this level, just a 1% increase boosts MRR by 25-35%!

This week in IdeaHub…

  1. How to build a top landing page: The proven template for SaaS products.

  2. Boost CVR in < 1 hour: 3 simple tactics to boost conversions and increase MRR.

  3. Awesome landing pages: Examples to steal from and keep CVR moving up and to the right.

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1. How to build a top landing page

For most new SaaS products, the landing page is just the website's home page. But 90% of the time, a dedicated landing page will convert better.

Here are the must-have sections for almost all SaaS products:


Hero section template

A landing page from Unbounce

A hero has 3 things:

  • A clear headline

  • A justifiable sub-heading

  • A simple call-to-action (CTA)

Your headline is the first thing a customer reads. Its job is to get across the why of your product. If customers don’t feel it resonates with them, they will bounce (leave without interaction) immediately.

Your sub-heading should expand on the headline, adding more detail on how the customer can achieve their goal.

An image is optional, but they have been shown to increase CVR by supporting the statement in your headline.

Your CTA should be singular and tell your customers exactly what you want them to do. It depends on your specific SaaS model, but here are the most common ones:

  • “Start a free trial”

  • “See pricing”

  • “Book a demo”

  • “Get started”

Read this guide on CTA’s to figure out what’s best for your business.

Feature Spotlights

The next section of your landing page should tell your customers about your product’s key features.

For each, include a screenshot of the product and some short copy focused on how the feature helps solve the customer’s problem.

Here’s how Unbounce does it:

Testimonials/Social Proof

Landing page visitors don’t know or trust you. They need to know others have already achieved success. Include reviews, ratings, awards and customer logos.

Plus, tools like Famewall make it super easy to collect and display this on your landing page.


2. Boost CVR in < 1 hour

These tactics can easily boost CVR (and MRR) by 1%+:

Minimise links

Every link on your landing page is an opportunity for a visitor to leave without converting. So minimising the number of links will naturally increase CVR.

Remove all menus, chat widgets, newsletter sign-ups and footers. The only links you truly need are a privacy policy and terms of service. Everything else is take it or leave it.

Repeat the CTA

Research shows that repeating your CTA multiple times increases conversions. And near the end of the page is one of the best places to do it.

Why? Because those who make it to the end of the page are more engaged and likely to convert.

Track behaviour

Keeping customers around for longer increases their chances of converting.

Install tools like Hotjar for heatmaps and Simple Analytics as a Google Analytics alternative to spy on your customers.

Identify the biggest areas where customers are leaving your page and adjust them to fix the leak.


3. Awesome landing pages

How can we know landing pages even work?

A lot of the links below are from search ads. The big guys are putting money behind landing pages, so you should use them too.


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