The Top Resources For SaaS Founders

(Last Updated: Nov 2023)

This is a collection of books, podcasts and other resources I’ve found useful for building my mindset around all things SaaS.


How I Built This (Guy Raz) - The book accompanying the podcast of the same name. Guy shares stories from interviews with founders of companies like Airbnb, Netflix and Bumble.

Zero To One (Peter Thiel & Blake Masters) - One of the most famous books about startups. Peter was the co-founder of PayPal and one of the early investors at Facebook.

The Lean Startup (Eric Reis) - The bible on iteration, validation and building what customers want.

Hooked (Nir Eyal) - A must-read for anyone wanting to drive engagement with their products.


The Social Radars (Carolyn Levy & Jessica Livingston) - Interviews with guests including Brian Armstrong (CoinBase), Steve Huffman (Reddit) and Tony Xu (DoorDash)

The Bootstrapped Founder (Arvid Kahl) - A weekly show about starting and bootstrapping businesses, how to build an audience, and how to build in public.


MicroConf YouTube (Rob Walling) - A great channel with lots of awesome content for SaaS founders including discussions around coming up with ideas, go-to-market strategies and much more.

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